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February 15, 2013


 The following list has been compiled from an online student group and on a Facebook group called "Greeks Invented Everything", and even though some of it is written from the perspective of Greek-Americans, it's still highly amusing and relevant:

You know you're Greek when.......(part 2)

  • You have a family wedding to attend at least twice a year. 
  •  You or at least most of your uncles own a spit 

  • You consider soccer the eighth wonder of the world.


Your cheeks receivetheir weekly work out every time you visit an aunt. 

  • Your last name ends with: opolous, os, as, or is.
  • Your last name consists of the entire alphabet .

 When leaving a house, you stand at the front door for a half hour more and talk 

  • You expect atleast 600 people at your wedding 


  • You tell your parents you're seeing someone and they start sending out wedding invitations. 


  • You're home an hour late and you're already listed as a missing person. 

    • You break a leg, and yiayia thinks your life is over. 

  • You tell your parents you're having a party.

  • They buy out the whole supermarket. 



  • It doesn't matter people can't hear what you're talking about - you talk so much with your hands that people know what you're going on about anyway.  


  • You go to a wedding, and are introduced to cousins that you never knew existed.


  • You tell mama you're not hungry and she thinks you have an eating disorder. 

  • Your yiayia / mama / thia has a miracle cure for everything. 


  • Your mother or father still feels the need to tell you, "katse kala" ("behave") in public 


  • You are familiar with the phrase, "Sto leo yia to kalo sou" (I'm saying this for your own sake!)



  • You have one or more of those porcelain figurines in your house or you have broken one of those porcelain figurines and mama still hasn't forgiven you for it


  • You have a bottle of OUZO in your house right now 


  • Add aki to the end of any American word, and it becomes Greek 

  • Your family inheritance includes olive trees and xorafyia (farming fields)

  • If you missed part 1 you can read it here!

    All photos are courtesy of Google images.
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    1. This is as hilarious as part one. As crazy and head-strong Greeks are, I still do love them, lol!

    2. Thanks, Sannel! And yes, I must admit we are! LOL!!!

    3. Made me smile -- not Greek, but absorbed by them through marriage!

    4. What fun, Vicky. I suspect for a New Zealander you would have to own a barbecue and a fish smoker! Cheers