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November 28, 2012


      Here is the long awaited post of more photos of Paris! (who am I kidding, you're probably fed up from all these photos but I honestly couldn't stop taking them. I was like a little kid who was finally given that candy s/he was eyeballing on the store's window!)

      So, here I was, crazy Greek woman with a photo camera and video camera in hand roaming through Paris.

How can I not take a photo of this graphic main street?! On the right there are gardens that used to be the royal gardens!

Most of the houses and neighborhoods looked alike:


But then there were buildings like this one:

The Grand Palais
...and cute little kiosks:


plenty of touring boat rides

How about these public restrooms? (In the middle of the street?) You pay to use it (kinda like a vending machine!). I don't know if you have them in your country but this was new to me! was this, too! I thought it was cool!

I even saw a black crow!


Well, what about this?!
      As I was crossing (yet another) bridge I saw all these little padlocks on the rails of the bridge (both sides)!


Looking closely, I saw that there was writing on it, such as "Kate + John=LOVE" and that kind of stuff.

And then the mystery was solved! There was a guy selling the padlocks for 3 euros each, had different colored markers to write on ...

... convincing all the lovebirds who walk by to ... 

 That part of the Seine river must be filled with little keys!!!

Yes, I am a romantic soul but found this too cheesy and a poor attempt to imitate the Fontana Di Trevi fountain in Rome, Italy! (I will admit though, it is a clever business idea! Obviously!!!)

What did you think of the photos?

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November 23, 2012


      Here are some more photos I managed to take as I was going like a whirlwind through Paris. I was lucky enough to be staying in a really nice hotel (but with rather very small rooms and I've heard that's generally the case with most hotels here) in the center of Paris that was close to many sights. (The Eiffel Tower was within walking distance!)

      I also used the metro (subway) and train to get to places (that was an experience in itself, as it was so complicated. Of course workers of the public transport as well as civilians would give me directions when I asked but I must say they didn't do it exactly with a smile!

      Well, sadly enough I didn't have enough time to visit any museums. There are so many museums in Paris and they are really huge. For example, the famous Louvre Museum has 35000 items on exhibit! There was no way I could do the Louvre, as a matter of fact I didn't even have time to see it from the outside! (Maybe next time!) 

      This is the D' Orsay Museum. It used to be a big Railroad station before they turned it into a museum.

     Right outside it had these statues on display:


      But I found these more interesting! 6 statues of women next to each other representing the 6 continents (well, almost, cause America doesn't count for two: north and south!)






Another view of the Musee D' Orsay from across the Seine river.

      Another famous (and enormous) landmark is the "Ecole Militaire" (Military School/Academy). The well-known Napoleon Bonaparte went to this school and actually finished his studies in one year instead of two!



      This next building was called "Assemblee Nationale"  that is the Parliament (Senate).

      Crossing the street in front of this building brings you on this bridge that leads you to a huge known square that has been used quite a few times in movies.

The Place de la Concorde!

      A very busy square and right in the center there is  this marvelous water fountain!

There were a lot of elaborately decorated columns throughout the Place de la Concorde!


What do you think of Paris so far?!

November 22, 2012

November 21, 2012



Why you should always wear pyjamas when you sleep!
(or at least underwear!)

Photo is courtesy of Google images.

November 19, 2012


      Paris, France! Yeah! Baby! I made it to Paris! Totally unexpected trip as my part time job as a secretary doesn't involve travelling but this came out of nowhere and who would turn down an all expenses paid trip to Paris?  Not me!!! So I packed my suitcase with warm clothes as cold weather was expected in the 2 1/2 days that I would be there and off to the airport I went.

      I was so thrilled as I had never been to Paris before. I had spent endless hours researching all the hot spots I could visit on such a short trip with an already busy schedule. We had to attend a conference at UNESCO's headquarters in Paris with my (lady) boss and the rest of the time I had to rush trough as many sights as I possibly could!

      The weather was not helping my photoshooting but at least, it didn't rain. That would have been catastrophic!

      With my well planned itinerary in one hand and a map in the other hand I set off to visit first of all, what else, but the Eiffel Tower.

      I was getting excited as it slowly started to appear between or behind buildings!

      There it was! All I had to do was cross a long park and I'd be able to go up this world famous landmark!

A nice little garden with a water fountain at the feet of the Eiffel Tower!
      At 4:30 pm on a gloomy November Thursday I patiently and anxiously waited for 40 minutes in line to get the elevator that would take me up this tower. To be honest, I wasn't expecting this much tourism during this season. I can't imagine what the lines would be during the summer!

(One of the things that made an impression on me was that at the Eiffel Tower, as well as at almost all the other sights I visited, there were signs alarming the visitors of pick pockets! So I was extra careful with my purse and camera!)

      A monstrous giant iron construction.

      I made it to the second floor as the top was closed for repairs. Bummer! Still, the view was breathtaking! I could see all of Paris spreading to the end of the horizon!

      Unfortunately, I don't have photos taken from the Eiffel Tower as I was videotaping only. I could add a video but I was talking through the whole shooting so that I can share later with the family and it would be 'all Greek to you!" Hahaha!

      Next stop of course, was the cathedral of Notre Dame De Paris which in French means "Our Lady of Paris". WOW! That's all I have to say! Absolutely fascinating! It is actually located on a small island on the Seine river. The Seine river runs through Paris.

      No, I didn't meet Quasimodo but I did see the gargoyles!

This is the left side!

Can you see some gargoyles?

They're everywhere!

          The left side entrance.

It is the best preserved, if not the oldest, cathedral of Gothic architecture.

      At the back side of the cathedral there was a cute little park with benches and this fountain with the Virgin Mary holding little Jesus.

      Right at the corner there was a Cafe (coffee shop) that was named what else?
"Esmeralda" !!! Cute?! LOL!

The imposing dimensions of the church takes your breath away

      Back to the front and the main entrance. The intricate work on this temple is unbelievable! Look at the close ups! Notice the statue in the middle!


      Three main entrances. Do you see the sculpting?

      Not visible in the photo but it has angels on one side and demons on the other side of Christ (the big statue in the middle) who is stepping on two snakes.

      As I entered the cathedral I was taken aback by its size! Impressive interior with a high vaulted central nave. It had two long aisles on the left and right sides separated from the main area by columns. (Sorry, the photos are a little dark but the church was poorly lit. Nevertheless, that added to the solemn, devout atmosphere!)

      I really appreciated the fact that there were signs in the cathedral asking visitors to be quiet because it may be a tourist attraction but still it is a church and one has to respect that! It would be really an awesome experience to be able to attend the Sunday mass.   

      What can one say about the medieval rose windows with the stained glass? I was just in awe at their beauty!

      The stained glass windows were exquisite! I had never seen such detailed design and colors. Look!

... and then there was the main altar!

 Getting near was not allowed and I had to zoom in to have a closer look.

      I must say, that "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" definitely took a completely new meaning for me after visiting the cathedral.

      Check out part 2 of my trip and random photos of Paris as I took many photos that couldn't possibly fit in one post! ("Deranged Greek woman sighted in Paris photographing Everything!")

Have you ever been to Paris?
What were your impressions of it?
Or if not, what are your impressions after seeing my photos?