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                        MOMMY'S DOILIES

(Part 1)

The art of crochet is intrinsically embedded in the Greek culture. This tradition goes way back in time. Along with cross-stitching, knitting and weaving with a loom.
In the old days they were the women's (and girls') favorite pastime, as well as, duty/qualification to know how to. They started at a young age in order to fill their dowry chest. On their wedding day it was all shown off to the guests so that all can see how gifted the bride is (a sign that she will be a good housewife, as well !?)

This has been long surpassed now and even though the grandmothers kept crocheting, doilies have been out of fashion for a couple of decades (at least). Lately, though, they're making a big comeback and not just for decorating little coffee tables and other furniture. One can see them being used in various ways. People have been using crochet techniques to make earrings and other jewellery, scarves, Xmas ornaments, blankets and pillow cases, curtains or the finishings of curtains, to decorated totes, frames, blouses, hats, dresses, cardigans, bookmarks, even bikinis!... Check out the following links for amazing ideas

As you might well imagine I, too, have lots of crochet creations done by my very talented mommy and it's time I pull them out of my drawers and start using them and, yes, showing them off! She has done an incredible work and some designs she picked up just by looking at them and figuring out the pattern herself. For someone like me, who has no idea of crocheting, I say WOW!!!

Here's a part of what my mommy has done:
(Also, check out Mommie's Doillies part 2)



Simple, beautiful daisy-like design

...that you could also sew on a pillow-case for your couch

A closer look at the "daisies"

A favorite piece of mine. When someone very dear to my heart was given this piece as a gift she used it as a scarf for her business suits. How innovative!

A closer look at the pattern

A nice 'runner'...

...with two matching square doilies

Another way to use doilies is for decorating your serving tray and covering your water carafe. (I think that is so old-fashionably romantic, don't you think?)

....another doilly decorating a tray

I find this pattern playfully cute!

... can also be sewn on a pillow case!

A closer look!

<><><><><><><><><><> </>
I call this 'my mom's masterpiece', a crocheted blanket! It was proudly shown off at my 'bridal shower Greek equivalent party'. Love it!

Amazing handwork!!!

...with matching 'runner' for the dresser ...

... and nightstands!

A closer look!



It is fascinating what one's creativity and imagination can do. Here's what a mother did at home to make some extra money! Some may disagree with the idea but still one cannot deny that the photos are fantastic!!!

The mother of this little girl is a computer scientist from Helsinki, Finland. While her daughter is sleeping, she creates a completely different world with any item she can find available! Both mother and daughter have become famous! It is truly the work of great imagination and creativity!



I came across this post at the website and I just HAD to share it with you. I found this to be such a practical and trendy idea. You could create a stylish and unique tote, perfect for the summer (and not only!)

Look at the photos:

Tank top totes - before
Tank top totes - after

..."The best kind of tank tops to use for this project are ones that have front and back necklines that are the same height—or very close. Otherwise, your tote bag will be lopsided. The brown tote is reversible, so the pockets can be on the inside or outside. I made that tote small because the straps were thin and wouldn’t hold a lot of weight. The magenta tank top had a gathered neckline in front and back, so a gathered bottom was ideal. A pink store-bought flower pin finished it off. "...

If you want to find out how to make these tank top totes follow this link:



This is a learning and fun activity you can do with your kids and it's cost free! They will be excited to watch their plant grow as they take care of it, too!
I did this with my daughter this year. We chose a little, tiny pot (use any kind of vessel you can find, be creative) and after laying some cotton on the bottom of it we threw in some lentils and watered it. They need to be watered every day!
(Note: in the first pictures you will see a small pot with beans, as well. Don't try it! The stench a few days later was unbearable!!!) 

Look how they were growing! And it didn't take long, at all!


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