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January 22, 2012


                              TO DIET OR NOT TO DIET

     To diet or not to diet! It seems that every woman is on one diet or another. A stressful thought, way of living, even, obsession that haunts us early on in our lives, as soon as we start realizing our bodies in our teens or even earlier nowadays.
     Of course, TV and magazines have the biggest share of the blame as they bombard us with images of sickly, bony looking models whose thighs are no fatter than my arm (and it's NOT a fat arm!). If you blow on them they'll catch a cold! Where are their feminine curves, their breasts? They look like skinny pre-teen boys with long hair!

    The media and fashion industry and I don't know who else cause upon us an inferiority complex, an insecurity about ourselves as if our body fat defines our personality or better say, our worth. They (whoever THEY are) impose on us their standards, they interfere (and mess) with our psychological state and we merely accept it, we buy into it. We not only accept it, we embrace it as "ours", as if it actually IS our own idea and belief and we support it: "Skinny thin women are beautiful, cool, successful, sexy, rich!, all the men want them, they can have every man they want, they're healthy...etc...I mean look at her in the add or commercial or TV show or movie...Yes!!...(SIGH!)... Oh! look at me, how can I do anything in life looking like this... I'm so ugly!... I'm so fat! (therefore, unsuccessful and worthless)... etc...I MUST GO ON DIET!!!"
    Are we really that naive, have we no brains to think for ourselves to process the incoming information before we save it "in the hard disc" as it is? What does it mean my measurements should be 85-55-70 or whatever? WHO decides that? and why do I obey or submit myself (or yield) to this sort of dictatorship?! Somebody decides and I just follow like a scared "zombie"... "Yes, Master, I will follow!..." WOMEN OF THE WORLD, WAKE UP!!!
    Loosing weight for health reasons that I can understand. Even loosing weight for pleasing our coquetry is OK if done right and up to a point. But we have to have a limit. We can't start dieting and dieting uncontrollably often risking our health just to fit into the model-type body that somebody wants to impose on us as "acceptable", cool and fashionable and sexy, and, and.....

P.S. Just to let you know, I'm not an envious, morose fat person, just fed up with being dictated to.

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