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February 15, 2012



     I need to say that a lot of my friends ask me how come I don't comment on what's happening in Greece. I call myself the Greek housewife but I don't write anything about current events in Greece. I talk about all kinds of other stuff, daily life, celebrations etc. just as if nothing happens in my life apart from the doilies and explaining the celebrations, writing about the carnival, giving ideas for romantic valentine's day, etc. Just as if I'm in a bliss of happiness!

     Well, let me tell you: I'm far from it but I'm not going to whine about it.

    The photo I have posted along with these words clearly depicts how I feel. My country, my glorious country, is dying under the weight of the debt and the so called corruption and incompetence of its politicians. Its people are confronted with unemployment, degradation, poverty and misery.
    No, I do not live in a bliss of happiness. Yes, I am very much affected by the economic crisis and I' m fighting my own battles every day. But this blog was created to give me an escape from my routine life and from all the other socioeconomic events of my country and it is also an attempt to connect with other housewives from around the world, to educate, inform and entertain others and it is not my intention to make this blog a whiny diary of a cry-baby.

    I don't want to turn it into a political blog. I'm sure you all get informed from your media about what is happening in Greece. If somebody has a particular question to ask me I'll be glad to answer it. But I don't want to write about what is happening here. I don't want to depress me or any of you.

   I'm going to keep a positive outlook on life and I'm sure that one way or another we will recover. We've been around for more than 5000 years and we're not going to cease to exist now, no matter who or how hard they try, and that is all I have to say.
   I don't wish to express any opinion, it doesn't matter anyway, it doesn't change anything. But don't be misled that I am a "Barbie girl living in a Barbie world".

   Just please enjoy my blog (I hope you do!) and don't be misled by my writing that everything is wonderful and fine in Greece nor that I'm blissfully ignorant or obnoxious or unaffected by what is happening to my country.


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