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March 8, 2012



   International women's day is celebrated every year on 8 March, in remembrance of a large protest event which took place on 8 March 1857 by textile workers in New York, which called for better working conditions.

    International women's day 8 March 2012 and today on this occasion, we must highlight and put in practice everything that comprises the contemporary female presence. Nowadays, the women conquer more and more important positions in the world of work, knowledge and social contribution.

    However, despite the struggles and institutional interventions for equal development of women, still discrimination and inequalities survive, f.e. high rates of unemployment, low wages and pensions.

According to UNICEF the violations of the rights of women and girls in the world are varied:

· Crimes ' of honour ': Although they vary from culture to culture they have a common denominator: violence and often murder. Attacks with acids and setting them on fire are common. For example, in Pakistan, it is estimated that 1,000 such crimes of honour occur every year.

· Crimes due to the dowry': In India it is estimated that every year 25,000 women are murdered or distorted because of economic differences between families.

· Rape as a weapon of war: It is common practice in all modern conflicts. During Rwanda's genocide in 1994 at least 500,000 women were raped or brutally molested.

· The marriages of girls at an early age: In Asia, 1 out of 2 girls marry before 18 (that is about 9.7 million girls). The corresponding percentages in Africa is 42% and 29% in Latin America.

· The ' choice ' of sex of children before birth: UNICEF estimates that 1 million female babies die every year due to such practices of prenatal sex selection, or even after birth, by infanticide. As a result, for example in India in some areas for every 1000 men there are 861 women.

· Inequality in education: 1 in 5 girls worldwide do not finish elementary school, while it is estimated that by 2015 there will be 6 million fewer girls than boys in school.

· Deprivation of basic rights of expression and participation: In some countries such as Saudi Arabia, women generally are prohibited from voting or to pursue public office, to drive vehicles or to travel abroad. In other countries women do not have rights on property and inheritance.

· Female genital mutilation: approximately 3 million girls each year are victims of this unacceptable practice primarily in several African countries.

    International Woman's Day should remind us of the struggles our mothers and grandmothers suffered and that we should continue to fight for equality and respect for all women worldwide.

    Follow this link and find out about what and where there are International Women's Day events in your country:

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