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May 11, 2012


     Mother's day is a celebration honoring mothers and motherhood and it can be traced back to ancient festivals. It is celebrated in most countries of the world and is often associated to different events (religious, historical or legendary) and it's not on the same date for all the countries.

     No matter which country she comes from, a mother is a mother, it is a "sacred institution"!

     There's a poem (that has also become a Greek folk song)  by Jean Richepin (1849-1926) a French poet, playwright and novelist, that shows what a mother's love really means. It is called "The Mother's Heart"
A poor lad once and a lad so trim
Gave his love to her that loved not him

And says she, 'fetch me tonight you rogue'
Your mother's heart to feed my dog!

To his mother's house went that young man
Killed her and took the heart, and ran.

And as he was running look you he fell
And the heart tolled to the ground as well.

And the lad, as the heart was a-rolling heard
That the heart was speaking and this was the word

The heart was a weeping and crying so small
'Are you hurt my child, are you hurt at all?'

     What a beautiful and touching poem! 
     Well, to cheer us up, visit this site and take a fun quiz to 
find out which movie mom you are!  

(f.y.i. I did it and the results are: I am the Elastigirl mom
from "The Incredibles" movie (which made me think 'God, I hope I don't snap one of these days being so elastic and all'.

     I don't know how you plan to spend Mother's day but I think one of the best gifts a mother can receive on Mother's day is to have a day off of everything! NO getting up early and preparing kids for school, NO making breakfast, NO housework, NO cooking, NO helping the kids with homework, NO feeding the dog, NO grocery shopping, NO house chores, NO errands ... NOTHING, NADA. A day of self-indulgence -- going to the hairdresser's, having a manicure and pedicure, a massage, perhaps, being taken out for lunch and dinner and a movie maybe, and whatever the mother wants, needs or misses from her motherhood life. Being treated as a queen (her wish is everybody else's command) is a minor recognition for all the things she does year round for the family, so if any fathers out there are reading this don't you think the mother deserves a day of complete pampering and royal treatment?

     But we must not get all caught up in the " mother's day is for me"  complex and forget our own mothers. They deserve this day more than us. The prefix 'grand' in grandmother is not accidental! Remember that:  GRANDmother!

I wish you all to have a wonderful day!

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