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August 20, 2012



(Part 2: Ocean and river)

       OK here's Part 2, the photos I promised of the ocean and the river. As I mentioned in Part 1, we stayed in a small village called Ammoudia, which is located on the banks of the river Acherontas AND by the ocean! 

      As the beach was only about 100m away from the hotel we...

                      ...were walking through the trees..

...across the hot sand...

...and there it was! Extended in front of us, the seashore,  located in a small gulf...

We'd pick a spot like this one...

...and set our umbrella. Sit back, do some sunbathing (always using tons of suntan lotion), enjoy a coffee, the view and of course the crystal blue waters...

... and we didn't have to worry about the kids going far because the waters were shallow


                    sometimes we would stay till sunset !!!

      Apart from the ocean the river Acherontas flows through the village and into the ocean. If you look up the word Acherontas in ancient Greek mythology, you' ll find that it was the river that led to Hades (the underworld  or the land of the dead). The ferryman leading his little ferry/boat down Acherontas river was taking the dead to Hades but they had to pay him. If one didn't pay the ferryman, s/he would be ferried back and forth into infinity and his/her soul would never rest. That's why ancient Greeks  would put coins along with the dead, often one coin upon each eyelid.

      That's mythology though, and today the 58 km long river offers opportunities for rafting, swimming, fishing, birdwatching, etc.  

      Boats rides are offered at reasonable prices. It's a very scenic route as the tour guide/ferryman tells you all about the myth as well as about the flora and fauna of the river. (Interesting, if not creepy, you pay the ferryman and he ferries up and down the river!)

Along the banks of the river we plenty little fishing boats! 

Notice the pirate flag under the Greek flag (LOL!)

The river runs through the village on its way to its estuaries (the river's mouth)...

                        ...and then it flows into the ocean...

 ... as only the pier stands between them!

left:river                               right:ocean

Another photo of the pier facing the village!

left:ocean                            right:river

                   At night time the pier is 'romantically' lit!

      I hope you enjoyed my photos. I'd love to read your comments!

Up next is Part 3 - interesting plants and animals (we usually do not see in the city) that we came across and Part 4 - other places we saw.

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