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January 21, 2013


       Hello Everyone! Did you miss me?!?! (Please say you did!) I know my blog has shown no signs of life for a while now but as I have mentioned in a previous post I had some trouble with Blogger. It just wouldn't let me upload any pictures from my computer! What would a post be like without a photo!!! You know I like putting pictures in my posts, don't you?! 

       I'm no CPS expert but HaHaaaa! I found a way! Blogger won't let me upload photos from my computer to my posts if I go through Internet Explorer's Google but Mozilla Firefox will!  No problemo there! Thank you Mozilla!

      "Okay, then how come you haven't at least been reading the blogs you're following, Vickilicious?! And writing comments?! Haaa!!!! Bad girl!!!"


     You got me there! Does being busy count as an excuse?! Or being ill?! Cause the truth is I was both! As I mentioned before   I had a terrible cold right after New Year's and then I got really busy with unexpected responsibilities and tasks as Murphy's Law reigned in my life!


      You call it Murphy's Law, I could also add "when the shit hits the fan" or as we say in Greece "one evil is followed by myriads!"

       No sooner was I over with my cold I was hit by gastroenteritis (not sure, but I think it's the stomach flu). That was no fun let me tell you. My best friend for that period of time was Mr. WC! We were buddies! The bestest of friends! Inseparable! We had a great time together!!!!!!?

      Even though I felt like a problem magnet still I remained optimistic. I started off the year in a very positive mood (not a pretentious one!) and I will not submit to all this negativity and let it spoil my upbeat, strong attitude. 

     So, my dear readers thank you for not forgetting me and stay tuned as I'm baaaaaaaack!!!!!

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  1. I am sooo sorry! I hope that next month things will get in good order and nothing will come between you and us...your blog readers!
    These days one iosi comes after the other...makes you wonder...Liakakos knows...

    1. I know, it seems that everyone we talk to is sick or knows someone who is sick. What's going on?

  2. YES (I missed you) and welcome baaaaaaaack!

  3. The stomach flu was going around horribly around Christmas and new years. My husband was sick for a whole week during my daughters winter break:(. I hope you feel a whole lot better!



  4. Thank you girls! It's good to be back! I missed blogging!

  5. Oh Vicky, I hope you are able to read backwards. I've commented on all of your posts because I've missed you. I was gone for a while too. You can read my blog from January 28th. to catch up a bit. I hope you are well.