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April 7, 2012

Happy Easter !

May the glory of the Lord's miracle strengthen your faith and renew your hope!

    Happy Easter to all my friends around the globe who celebrate Easter tomorrow April 8th.
     For the Orthodox christians tomorrow is our Palm Sunday because this year, Orthodox Easter falls on Sunday, April 15, 2012.
It rarely coincides with the Roman Catholic Easter.

   On Palm Sunday (Κυριακη των Βαίων-Kyriake Ton Vyeon) the Church services celebrate the entry of Christ into Jerusalem. At the end of the service some sprigs of bay leaves are given to the people who put them in purses, or keep them in their homes to bring good luck for the next year. For those who have been fasting there is a respite on this day, as fish is allowed.
    Next week, our Holy Week or Great Week (Μεγαλη Εβδομαδα-Megali Evthomatha) starts and I will keep you posted on the many and different events and traditions surrounding our Easter season which is the most significant and sacred time of the Orthodox Church calendar.

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