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April 19, 2012



......OK! We've made our list, we got our supplies, we even got the CD ready to play. We're pumped up and ready to fight off the slime, scum, one word the dirt. Nothing is stopping us! ...Uhmmm...that is until we stumble upon a ..."Darn, I can't get it off" or "How am I going to clean this?"

     Well, I'm going to give you some tips I've learned in my housewife years that you may find useful. (I hope you do!)

Uses of vinegar
  • Remove armpit sweat stains from clothes by spraying the stain with strong white vinegar before washing them and the stain will disappear.
  • If you add 1/2 a glass of white vinegar during the rinse cycle in the washer you' ll protect your linens and the colours of the clothes and remove leftover detergent. If you tend to hang clothes outside on a line to dry this will help them become softer. (Don't worry about the smell, it evaporates) 
  • Get rid of ants and other small insects by spraying a 50-50 mix of water and vinegar.
  • Remove stickers from furniture and bumpers by rubbing them with a soft cloth that has been dipped in warm white vinegar. (Also, mayonnaise, yes mayonnaise!, can remove stickers from furniture as well)
  • The acid in the vinegar can remove rust from small metallic objects, soak them in a solution with vinegar for a while and rinse well. 
  • Adding a little vinegar in your moping bucket along with your floor detergent will make your floor tiles shine.
  • Plastic food containers tend to smell bad after a while. Clean them well with vinegar and the smells will disappear.   
  • Adding 2 tablespoons of vinegar to the vase of flowers will prolong their life. (An aspirin is said to be doing the same job)
  • Get rid of bad smells and even unclog your garbage disposal or sink by pouring baking soda and adding white vinegar. Let it stand for 30 minutes and then rinse with hot water.
  • You can remove spots from your silverware by rubbing them with a soft cloth dipped in vinegar. Rinse well.
  • Clean the baked on food and grease in your microwave by filling a microwave-safe bowl (or a coffee cup) with a mixture of half vinegar and half water and nuking it for two minutes (or more, you want it to be bubbling hot). Then, dip a sponge into the vinegar-water solution, and use it to wipe the food off of the walls of the microwave. It'll fall right off! (Don't forget to wear gloves to protect your hands!)

Uses of coffee filters
  • We can use coffee filters to wipe clean windows and mirrors!
  • If the cork breaks into pieces as we open a bottle of wine we can use a coffee filter to strain the wine of any cork pieces.
  • We can also use coffee filters to strain the oil we used for frying in order to use it again.
  • By placing a coffee filter at the bottom of a pot we make sure the plant doesn't lose any of its soil as it will allow only water to go through it.

Uses of talcum powder
  • Applying talcum powder on a fresh stain will make it easier to remove later as the powder will absorb the damp.
  • Reduce the moisture and sweaty feeling in your shoes by adding some talcum powder.
  • Applying talcum powder after shaving can calm the skin and avoid irritation.
  • You can untangle a tangled chain or bracelet by putting some talcum powder on it. You' ll be surprised!
  • Is your wooden floor creaking? Pour some talcum powder in the seams. It should stop!

Uses of baking soda
  • Make stains from ink and markers disappear by rubbing them with a wet sponge dipped in baking soda. Rinse
  • Put baking soda (and a little vinegar) on burnt grease residues on your pots and pans. Let it soak. rub gently and rinse.
  • Remove spots from your silverware by rubbing them with a soft cloth and baking soda. Rinse well.
  • If your house smells bad due to smokers or pets, pour a generous amount of baking soda on the carpets. Let it stand all night and the next day vacuum.

  • Remove chocolate stains with warm water and then rub with dish soap. Rinse.
  • Remove wine stains by putting some salt on it. Let it stand for about 1/2 hour. Rub with a sponge dipped in warm water and detergent. Rinse with cold water.
  • Get blood stains off clothes by rinsing them with cold water. Then wash normally.

Don't forget your gloves!
     Before I start the dishes I put a hand lotion on and then the gloves. The heat from the warm water makes my hands so soft!
Try it.

How do we begin all this cleaning though? Well, read here!

Please, feel free to comment and add your own housecleaning tips!

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  1. I don't use vinegar for all these things, but I do use it to wash my produce (mixed with baking soda).

    Does the smell of it no bother you when you clean with it? I know you said it evaporates - maybe I am just a little sensitive to it, 'cause it really bothers me, so I tend to stick with natural cleaners, but I'd like to know if you have a trick for that!

  2. Hi Elisa, thanks for the comment! Even though white vinegar doesn't smell as bad as the regular vinegar I do understand your sensitivity to it. Well,from the above tips you could remove the vinegar and still have good results in the case of the microwave and the garbage disposal where the baking soda alone will do the job. You could also put icecubes in the drain and pour the baking soda over them and let them melt slowly overnight.You could also shred orange or lemon peels in the garbage disposal, it'll make the whole kitchen smell nice. About the ants it is said that they don't like talcum powder even though I haven't personally tried it.Also, you can rid your plastic bowls from the bad smells with the use of lemon juice. I hope I have been helpful!