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June 15, 2012


      Father's Day is a holiday celebrated in many countries of the world and for most, it is on the third Sunday in June. It is a day to express gratitude and appreciation to fathers by giving them presents or greeting cards.

     Fathers are usually pushed aside and sidelined in the household but we must not forget the important and sometimes silent role they play in a family's emotional balance. They must always be emotionally available and show their paternal affection and acceptance, which children desperately need to feel. Fathers make sure "they're always there when you need them" (something that is very important for a child to know). Fathers also, play an important role in the children's psychological and social development. Through their relationship with their children they provide them with a sense of safety which helps them build their self-confidence and self-esteem.  

     Then society, traditions (and/or stereotypes) put a lot of pressure on them as well, expecting them to perform in their roles as the breadwinners, the pillars of the house, the (usually calmer) fair judges of family disputes, the strong and brave protectors of the household, etc. 

     For all of these above reasons and for many more (and because we love them) we should take a day and recognise and appreciate all they do for their families. I am not going to post any gift ideas for dads, let us do something that comes out of our hearts, whatever that may be, to show them we really care. If you get stuck and don't know what to do, there are plenty of sites to help you with ideas, such as: kids/@center/307033/spring-holidays

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1 comment:

  1. No!!! I forgot it. I should have visited your blog yesterday. Do you have any ideas for me, since I live far from my Dad?