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December 9, 2012


      This weekend we finally set up our tree! Along with Christmas music, fireplace and hot chocolate! Last weekend we decorated the house and when I say, we I mean with the kids, the hubby helps a little too. I usually do it in two phases cause doing it all together is too much work and kids tire easily (mom, too!)   

Here's our tree! I think my kids did a marvelous job decorating the tree this year. I hardly participated! Somehow they made it look overdecorated and I always thought we needed more ornaments! Of course, the nativity under the tree is a 'must'. This year I added some of the tree's lights in it to add a glowing effect to it. (Hubby's idea!)
     I couldn't take a picture of it with lights on (probably need a high tech camera or something) but believe me it looks good in the dark. A little tip from me to you:
put a line of lights on the bark of the tree that is lit continuously (not flickering)  before decorating and adding the usual lights. It will look so much better! Trust me!

      Notice the the top of the tree!

     People usually put a star up on top of the tree but we prefer this angel that actually lights up! Isn't it wonderful? 

     Call me cheap (I call me frugal) but these Christmas cake decorations add to my tree, don't you think?


     How about these candle rings?


      On the first of December, as every year, we started the advent calendar. My kids absolutely love it! I turn it into a treasure hunt and it's a lot of fun. I write in a small piece of paper the location of their little surprise and they search the house for it every morning. For example, it will just say "pillow" and they have to look for it under every pillow in the house until they find it. It can be candy or a fancy pencil or six pence! Anything small. Sometimes it takes them forever to find it! I have so much fun with this!!!

      My most precious ornaments are the ones my kids have done. I have been collecting them since kindergarten and put on display every year. I hope one day I'll be decorating my grandkids' crafts next to their mom's and dad's!


When we don't wear these antlers they adorn the speakers!

As do Santa Clause's hats!



Do you have any decorating tips?

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  1. Beautiful job, Vickie! We have just finished our decorating. My favorite thin to do now is to layer beautiful glass bulbs in to thos huge vases for centerpieces. You can change them out all year long...acorns, plastic eggs, ceramic animals...I just love it.Your tree is absolutely beautiful. I love looking over all of the ornaments and trying to remember where they came from :) Ahhh. Happy Holidays, my friend :)

    1. Thanks Michele! I like your idea with the glass bulbs! Neat!

  2. What a beautiful tree!!
    Found you through the hop and am your newest follower,

    1. Thanks for following, Chatterblossom!

  3. What a lovely Christmas tree! Thanks for participating in the friendly friday blog hop!


  4. Beautifull tree! Kai tou xronou! I will decorate the tree today hopefully. Your idea about collecting and decorating the house with kids handmade staff is very sweet and I will definetly follow it someday. The advent callendar is a must every kid (and adults) would love to participate in this treasure hunt.

  5. The Tree looks very beautiful.

    You got a great Blog.

    Would you like to follow each other?
    Just let me know :)

  6. Very pretty! Sme things are universal. I wouldn't have known that wasn't an "American" tree!

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