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December 4, 2012



I'm one year old! OPAAAA!!

It was this day in history, just one year ago when The Greek Housewife was born.

Welcome to my first blogoversary post!

It's an occasion to celebrate, (us Greeks jump for joy at any occasion/reason to celebrate) so let's start with some music while you're reading.

OPA, OPA,......OPA, OPA....

Today I'm celebrating my one year blogoversary.
I officially started The Greek Housewife on December 4th of 2011, though I only really got serious about blogging (because I finally figured it out) in August of 2012.

It all started on the evening of the 3rd of December during a a visit by my best friend Helen. She talked about a blog she had stumbled upon that was very interesting and suggested I do the same. A what? A Blog? What in the world was that?! I was clueless, I hadn't even heard the word 'blog' before but the idea intrigued me. I was desperately in need of an escape from routine and what better if this is of the creative kind and a mentally and stress relieving opportunity/activity/hobby!

I became fascinated with the idea. Fascination soon became obsession! One evening I was discussing it with my best friend and the next morning it was already born! (It was an ugly baby at first but it has come a long way since then!)

I did a lot of researching about templates the hows, the dos and don'ts, reading other blogs to see how they were doing it, how to set it up, etc. WOW! The things I learned! All through trial and error! It was very frustrating as I made many mistakes and was led to many 'dead ends' but I wasn't giving up.

The house suffered until I could get the hang of it. Everything and everyone was neglected! I was obsessed! For a long time I was posting only for a handful of readers (if that!). It was disappointing! My GFC was stuck at 7 members for many months. The comments were almost non-existent. And then in August (can you believe it 9 months after starting?) I discovered that I had to make myself known by socializing and networking! Well, duh! Stupid me, I was expecting hordes of readers to discover me just by accidentally stumbling upon my blog! Double DUH! Not very proud for my not so intelligent attitude but REALLY I hadn't any clue about blogging! I mean, give me a break!!!

That is when I discovered! I joined and met so many other bloggers from around the world and slowly but steadily I started picking up on the ways I could make myself known and attract more followers. Basically, in August, I was reborn!

I definitely think starting this blog was a great decision and I don't regret taking the plunge. Blogging is definitely requiring a lot of energy and time but the rewards/benefits have been amazing!

For the past year now:
  • I have been connecting with people from around the world and becoming a part of a community filled with creativity and diversity!
  • I have made incredible friends online
  • I have been inspired by others as being inspiring myself.
  • I have gained a voice (outside the house!) that people care to listen to
  • I have a creative hobby (that allows me to also let off some steam)
  • Blogging is something wonderful to look forward to!

Now, if you are curious about numbers, here are a few facts:
  • Total posts: 130
  • Total comments: 462
  • Total followers: 107
  • Total pageviews: 14654
  • Awards: 8 (+ two that are on the way)

These numbers may not be impressive to many of you but I'm very proud of them (and I'm actually counting since August!).

All this has become possible thanks to all of you! I thank each and everyone of you, whether you're a follower of mine or not, for you have endured this trip of discovery with me. I appreciate you taking the time to visit my blog, read my posts, write a comment and become a follower even if you only did one of those things only one time!!!
Special thanks to my best friend and initiator Helen for her idea and support!Smooches! XOXOXO!! Also special thanks to a few great bloggers who have given me tremendous help with my blogging adventure. Hooray to you! (You know who you are!)


My birthday wish before I blow out my first candle?

I hope I can make this blog better and more interesting and that you'll all continue to come along for the 'Greek' ride !!!

Let's have a toast: "To many more blogoversaries to come." OPA!!!

Please leave a comment telling me what you like about my blog, what you don't like about it and what you would like to see/read in The Greek Housewife.

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  1. Congrats on your blogoversary! That is awesome :) I like everything about your blog, I say, don't change it a bit!

  2. VIcki- Stay just the way you are, darling! You know I love your blog. I'm so glad we've become blog friends. It's really gone on to show me how small the world is. We live on different continents, but once lived in the very same state! That's crazy :) Happy, Happy Blogoversary to you!! Cheers to many more.

    1. Thanks Michele! It is crazy that we once lived in the same state! What if we had also accidentaly met each other somewhere back then?! WOW!

  3. Hi Vicki: I just recently joined your blog which I found through blogger. My favorite posts are the ones about interesting greek facts, recipes, life, etc. I was a bit bored by all the Paris pictures though. Maybe it's just because I was jealous. Hehehe. Anyways, keep going your blog is fun. Here is somethings I would like to hear more about. How did you increase your readers, win awards, find your voice, get people to follow, etc?
    What are the men like in Greece? Oh, and the most important question - what are your goals for the blog? Do you intend to earn a income from it, or are you already making money? Happy Blogoversary.

  4. Congratulations Vicki! If I could reach through the screen and high 5 you I would!

    1. ....and then I just got worried and Googled to check it was 'high 5' and not actually 'hi 5'. I got it right. Phew!

  5. Congratulations!!! Na ta ekatosthseis ta xronia tou blog! You have done a great job and proved how charismatic you are! I am proud of you, I knew that you good do so much but this progress in such a sort time??? Bravo!!! You are an inspiration for all mothers that devout their lifes and dreams to motherhood but still find their way to express themselves. Thank you for sharing beautyfull and funny ideas, photos, videos etc and thank you for your time. (I admit that I love reading blogs but I am not willing to spend so much time creating one.)
    PS. I love your Christmas deco!

    1. Thank you my dear friend! You are being so nice, telling me all these things! You've always been so supportive! Thank you for that, too.

  6. Congratulations Vicky and many , many more blogoversaries ! Needless to say I love your blog, you know that:)it is obvious you put into it a lot of love and dedication as well as charisma and why not, talent...When you love what you do, you pursue it and try to make it better and better...I can't give you any advice, after all, I'm learning from you ;) But I can share your joy and be happy for you :)

  7. congrats to you!!
    I like that you are from Greece! the ideas, the culture, the pictures are my favorite posts.

  8. Congrats one whole year time sure flies! I LOVE how you are always so positive you always cheer me up. I also love all of the things I have learned from you. Keep up the awesome writing.

  9. Thank you Mireille, Annmarie Pipa and Happy Little Feet for your kind words and support. You all inspire me to keep it up! And I will!!!

  10. Happy Belated Blogoversary! Hope you have many happy more!
    I love the design of your blog, - the classic Greek meets colorful modern technology. I love hearing about the Greek culture, and comparing it to ours. And you're always so upbeat, and positive! I feel proud to call you my blog friend.
    You give me something to aspire to!

  11. Congrats on the year! Thanks for following, I'm now your newest follower and cait wait to explore your blog!