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October 15, 2012


      Today I have for you a recipe of the famous, classic and very favorite Greek side dish: Tztatziki. (You might have heard of it as cucumber sauce or yoghurt sauce). It accompanies almost most of our roasted meats, especially the ones you might have heard of the souvlaki and gyros! No meal with roasted meat is complete without it. It is strong tasting and may be an 'acquired taste' for some as it has garlic but that's what makes it spicy!

      It is very easy to make and very nutritious. It also helps reduce high blood pressure as garlic has that effect. One thing it doesn't help with though, is your breath, so make sure you chew some gum afterwards or if it's available chew some fresh parsley. Did you know that parsley helps with bad breath issues?

Well, here goes the recipe:


1 cucumber
2-3 (or more, if you can handle it) cloves of garlic
1 tablespoon medium wine vinegar
300g full-fat strained Greek yoghurt (10.5 oz)
100ml virgin olive oil (1/2 cup)
½ tablespoon finally chopped dill leaves


Remove the skin of the cucumber and grate it. (not finely)

Finely grate the garlic.

The cucumber must be drained well, you don't want the tzatziki to turn out watery so you squeeze the grated cucumber with your hands in small portions at a time to remove its juices. Do it twice.
Put it in a bowl with the garlic and the rest of the ingredients. Don't forget to add salt and pepper.

Mix them all well with the help of a fork.

Put the dip in a bowl, and add some dill leaves as decoration if you want.

Eat and Enjoy!

Photos are courtesy of Google images.
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  1. I've just had "dolmadakia"for lunch :) and tzatziki:)

  2. I just saw you on the Editors Picks for the day in Top Bloggers and just stopped in to congratulate you!!

  3. Yum. Gyros are one of my husband's favorites. I'm glad to have the recipe for the sauce! Congrats on the Blogger feature, today. You rock :)

  4. Oh I love tzatzki! It is so great. I miss it we are dairy free now. I wonder if I could make it with a dairy free yogurt...

  5. I really don't know if you can make it with a dairy free yogurt but I guess you could. Try it and let me know!

  6. Thank you for the congratulations! I couldn't believe it!

  7. Yum!! I've never tried it, but it sounds delicious. I will have to this recipe out. :)

  8. :) congrats Vicky:) it's so cool.I just saw you too :)